Daniel Kaplan Talks About Pocket Edition;

Daniel Kaplan Talks "Pocket Edition"

Daniel Kaplan recently regarding Minecraft: Pocket Edition on twitch.tv! He was asked a massive volume of questions about the hit pocket game, and addressed a good number of them - all said, the session lasted nearly 2 hours! Kaplan covered a staggering amount of information, including the possibility of texture packs and music, more monsters (with creepers possibly having priority), redstone and much more. If you're clamoring for a taste of what Pocket Edition has in store, definitely and give the session a watch! Note that it's in three parts, but .

Perhaps I shouldn't have built so many creeper statues taunting them...Daniel suggests that their arrival will be "soon". They will want revenge, no doubt.

Want To Play MCX360?

Planning on picking up MCX360 when it's released? Are you looking forward to it? Maybe you prefer the PC or Pocket Edition? We would like to hear your opinion about Minecraft! Click the banner above and take our Minecraft survey - make yourself heard!

TheMineStream - Charity for Child's Play

Child's Play - a charity beginning in 2003 dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games - receives millions every year from charitable gamers, and 2012 will likely be no exception. TheMineStream is starting up early this year, by hosting a charity drive this Friday! For guests, they will be hosting a number of in-game events on their SMP server; the arenas and events are being designed by the highly talented team from The Voxel Box, and the event will include appearances by notable Minecraft personalities, such as Vareide, AviatorGaming, SethBling, TheMineBox, and many more. Interested in helping out, or attending the event as a guest? You can get all the details by clicking this link - check it out!


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