Pocket Edition Preview, Ask Mollstam Anything & More

Pocket Edition Sneak Peek

Daniel Kaplan has revealed a teaser image for the upcoming Pocket Edition update! The image reveals an interface similar to what MCX360 is expected to use for crafting, albeit more compact for touch-screens. When is the update, you ask? Soon - very soon. The image above isn't expected to be the final rendition of the menu, nor the sole update for the game; even so, it heralds exciting things for pocket-sized crafting.

Ask Mollstam Anything? You Still Can!

Tobias Möllstam - Front-end developer of Mojang - will be answering questions...any questions at all! There aren't many opportunities left to be this close to Mojang, so be sure to visit this AMA session - and the few remaining beyond it - you could get your question answered by Mojang themselves!

Don't forget to check out the AMA schedule, so you can ask your favorite developer anything!


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