Digital Diamond - Snakes & Ladders

Did you ever play "Snakes (or "Chutes") and Ladders" as a kid? If so, you will immediately recognize this board game conversion, compliments of Zealock! If not, a brief summary; Snakes (Chutes) and Ladders is an old board game with a very simple premise: roll a single die, and move your game piece a number of spaces equal to the result. If you hit a ladder, you get to advance along the board, sometimes almost unfairly so. Hit a snake, and back you go - again, almost unfairly so at times!

The game features moving pieces, a built-in die roller, up to 4 human players (or 3 CPU players, if your friends don't know what 'fun' is), and a metric ton of redstone - over two hundred and fifty thousand meters, total. The snakes and ladders which the game derives its name from actually work, as well - the board knows when and where to move pieces. Player support Check it out!


This week on the Roundup, we take a look at PAX East, Minecon 2012, and a host of games that were showcased this weekend, as well as developer commentary and interviews - check it out!


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