Minecon 2012 Has Been Confirmed!

Lydia Winters - more popularly known as "Minecraft Chick" - confirmed that Minecon 2012 would be happening, and that it would be held in Europe! While no specific country or dates were yet named, we expect such details to be revealed in the very near future. Will it be in the UK? Perhaps even Sweden? France? Check in frequently - we'll let you know soon!

Minecon 2011 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, with an estimated attendance of over five thousand people. There were numerous booths, seminars and Q&A sessions with various Minecraft groups and personalities, including opportunities to meet Mojang in person. The included a history of Minecraft, as well as marking the official launch of Minecraft 1.0, the full release of the blockbuster sandbox title.

It wasn't long ago that Minecraft saw 25 million registered users (they're already up to 26 million since that particular landmark was set), and the number just keeps growing. Along with the runaway success of Minecraft - Pocket Edition and the upcoming Minecraft - XBOX Edition, the epic block-builder continues to take the world by storm. Massive updates are on the horizon for the PC version, including the highly anticipated Mod API, NPC trading and so much more. Just how far can Minecraft go? Only time will tell!


Everyone loves Minecraft, but just how much? We would like to know! Head over here and take our Minecraft poll, and tell us what you think about all things Minecraft!


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