Exclusive MCX360 Gameplay Footage!

We are at PAX East, with an eye on the upcoming MCX360 game! Check out exclusive gameplay footage, info and more right here!

MCX Gameplay Footage!

400 Achievement Points; patches will be released on an ongoing basis (not like previous xbox games), but slightly behind pc in development. No modding will be possible, except community features - for example, you can join friends' worlds, which save themselves, and you can return to them later. The tutorial demonstrates the crafting table, creating tools, preparing for mobs at night time.

Exclusive Gameplay, Part 1:

Help tips appear throughout the game, which explain new concepts as the player progresses. Multiplayer and singleplayer are the same; you can switch to multiplayer or singleplayer from the same world, without having to be in an SSP or SMP "mode".

Exclusive Gameplay, Part 2:

Footage of the crafting screen and all the different items. Leaderboards are present, although it's not yet known what they will feature. True to the XBOX, Achievements will be available - it wouldn't be the same without them!


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