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Figureprints - 3D Printing Made Easy

Some time ago, we talked about 3D printing of Minecraft models, with a particular focus on Mineways/Shapeways. Today, we take a look at another amazing provider of 3D prints - Figureprints! How does it work? It's surprisingly simple; Figureprints provides a small program for you to open any of your worlds - even SMP worlds - and select the region you would like printed. You can use the WASD keys to move around normally, the E and C keys to change the outer dimensions of the region to be captured, and Q and Z to alter the height of the region. Then, from within the program, you click the option to order your print, and the software takes care of preparing the model for you. It's really just that easy - select the build region (the program won't let you accidentally select an invalid region), and you're good to go. The program will even show you the estimated cost of your model, right on the display, in real-time! If you are looking for an easy-to-use and highly affordable way to print out your Minecraft creations, Figureprints is definitely something to consider - try the program for yourself and see!

Click on the images above to see a larger, more detailed image of the model!

I'm personally excited about getting a very large structure of mine printed out - a 140-meter diameter plate on support pillars with a town built on top, divided into quarters so the interior is visible. What will you print out?


Stronghold, Episode 3 - by Vareide

Minecraft video legend "Vareide" brings us the third installment of the highly popular "Stronghold" series, an eclectic mix of Minecraft gameplay and "Bastion"-style narration, definitely worth a watch! If you haven't had a chance to check out Episode 2, - you won't be disappointed!

Wait...you haven't even , complete with the now-classic "beef from a pig" line? Check it out!


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