Molydeux Game Jam Underway

Important news for all folks that love game jams; The "What Would Molydeux?" game jam has been a big event this weekend. For those not familiar with the event, this particular game jam came into existence by tweets made from @petermolydeux, often satirical and over-the-top, in an attempt to poke fun at eccentric game developer Peter Molyneux. Some of the ideas have apparently garnered genuine interest as potential game titles, andnow, there’s a 48-hour game development challenge built around the concept; it is taking place all over the world. Funny enough, Peter Molyneux himself has taken a personal interest in the event, and has attended the London event in person, both check it out, but also to recruit people for his new game developer startup.

"Molyjam" - as it has come to be known - has become a global event, from the places like San Francisco, New York, New Zealand, Finland, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, and more. In this video, co-organizer Chris Remo talks a bit about the event, what sort of ideas fly around, the process behind it, and more. Check it out!


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Also, be sure to check out Notch's latest space game concept - you saw it here first!

Warning - may or may not be a joke!


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