1.2.5 Snapshot News - Modders Can Prepare Now

1.2.5 Prepped as Snapshot First

Modders are getting some advance warning in regards to the upcoming 1.2.5 update. Jeb stated today that the 1.2.5 update is being prepared soon, but will be released as a snapshot first, to give modders some time to get their projects ready, as well as allowing for Bukkit updates to be released simultaneously. A proper Mod API is on the way for the next major update, but Mojang is definitely trying to make sure the modding community stays in the loop while they get it ready. While there was no set date for 1.2.5's availability, it would seem to be well on its way, and expected in the very near future, likely by next week.

Community-made mods are a huge draw for Minecraft, as they allow for a broad range of customization for the sandbox game, covering the spectrum from subtle to "total overhaul"-scale projects. Mojang is definitely making strides to make the modding process easier on programmers and players alike, and while we cannot yet reveal the specifics on the API, we can say that it's definitely something to be excited about. Keep an eye out for updates!

Community Spotlight - RetroNES Texture Pack

Today, we take a look at the "RetroNES" texture pack, by befarrar, talk about future episodes, guest speakers, prizes and more - check it out!


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