Escapist Developer Tournament, and Our Character Tournament - Can Minecraft Win Both?

Mojang a Contender - Can They Win?

The Escapist is currently running a developer's contest, and Mojang is in the running! The popular indie studio is pitted up against some pretty stiff competition - companies like Turbine, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Capcom and LucasArts, just to name a few. Want to see Mojang beat out the heavy-hitting competition? Head on over and vote for them right now! Click on the image above (or this link), and vote for Mojang. Let's show them our support!

Pig, Enderman & Creeper Still Standing - Can They Win?

Week 3 of the popular March Gaming Bracket Challenge is underway, and Minecraft still has competitors! While Steve lost out last week to Deathwing (strangely appropriate, given the difficulties Steve faces slaying dragons), but the Enderman, Pig and Creeper are still going strong! Pig is now pitted up against Aela the Huntress, Enderman is threatening to steal Rytlock Brimstone's blocks, and Creeper is contemplating a well-timed explosion for Onyxia. Can they win? Can this contest come to a showdown between only Minecraft characters? Your votes will decide the outcome - click the banner above (or this link) and vote for these iconic Minecraft characters today. They are counting on you to win!


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