Community Spotlight - Now Covering SMP Servers; Mojang Weekend Project News & More

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Multiplayer servers are, in many ways, every bit a work of art as a good mod or texture pack, and they are possibly one of the most community-centric projects one can undertake. This week, we're going to take a look at the Killion Detention Center, hosted by Markillion and Starzeh. It is a prison-themed server, and the first in the series to be spotlighted - of course, it will not be the last. If you visit (or host!) a particularly amazing server, please let me know about it, and I'll see if I can spotlight it for you! I love seeing the amazing things people come up with, whether it's a themed server, an amazing build server, or anything at all, and I especially enjoy presenting it back to the community, so everyone can enjoy it.

Mojang's Mojam, LEGO

Starting this Friday, February 17th at 10 CET Mojang will be creating a new game LIVE with all of the money going to charity. In tandem with Humble Bundle, the Mojangstas will be producing a game in 60 hours or less, and they want your help!

Quote from Mojang »
We want your help to choose the theme and the genre. The highest and lowest voted from each category will be combined for the game. Of course, you’ve always wanted to play a Shoot Em’Up Dating Simulator with a Candy Land World War II theme. Choose wisely!

So make your voice heard, and be a part of an exciting new game - tell Mojang what you want to see them create in their poll right here!

Minecraft LEGO, For the Win

It's been a long time coming, but we have news on the Minecraft-themed LEGO project! Today, Carl, Notch, Jeb, Jon and Lydia are at the Bella Center in Copenhagen for LEGOworld to unveil LEGO Minecraft! Additionally, they have a video to commemorate the occasion, which you can see (along with specifics on the project) right here. Check it out!

Shapeways Sweepstakes

Don't forget that we still have a Shapeways 3D Printout Sweepstakes going on right now, where you can win your own 3D printout of your in-game creations, free! Just check out the details here for your chance to win!


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