Minecraft Snapshot 12w07b (updated) is Ready For Testing!

This week's early-release Snapshot is out! The following changes are confirmed:

  • Added new world file format called 'Anvil' (256 max height and 4096 block IDs*)
  • Multi-player light calculations do no longer cause affected blocks to be transmitted to the clients, instead the clients will recalculate the light on their own
  • Villagers will repopulate villages based on how many houses there are available
  • Some nights in villages will be worse than others...
  • Added a redstone-controlled light source
  • Decreased chance for the rare mob drops
  • All animals use the new AI system now

*The game can't use the full range of IDs yet because there are still some assumptions that IDs above 256 are items.

NOTE: It is absolutely imperative that players back up their maps before testing the new format, just in case!

Jeb also had the following to say about the new save format:

Quote from Jeb »
NOTE: This snapshot will convert the maps you load to the new file format. If you want to revert to the old format, you need to replace the 'level.dat' file with the file called 'level.dat_mcr'. The new format will write world regions to files called '*.mca', so your original regions will remain as '*.mcr'.

UPDATE: The client/server files are now 12w07b! If you downloaded the files earlier today, and want the most up-to-date version, download the updated files from the links below:

Get the updated client here!

Get the updated server here!


  • Crash bug corrupting levels when spawning mobs above the 255th block
  • Sheep animation is correct in SMP

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