Community Spotlight - Computer Craft

Computer Craft

This week's Spotlight focuses on the incredibly complex and diverse Computer Craft mod, created by dan200! This mod almost defies attempts to summarize it, although "fully programmable in-game computers" comes close. Aside from having unique, programmable, individual in-game computers, this mod also boasts high compatibility with SpaceToad's BuildCraft, Eloraam's RedPower and even the recently covered Laser Mod (by w3(r4ft), to name a mere handful.

I touch briefly on a few of Computer Craft's features, but to get the full experience, check out dan200's thread for everything you could ever need. In addition to being fully programmable, crafted computers come with a pre-installed suite of software to get you started, including (but not limited to) a Minecraft-inspired text adventure game, an arcade-style game, and much more.

Click the image above to check out this week's episode!


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