Snapshot 12w04a is Out!

This week's snapshot is available for testing! Below is the list of changes, as per Jeb's notes on the Mojang site:

  • New jungle-specific mob that can be tamed
  • Skeletons have new AI and a few new behaviors
  • Various minor bug fixes and changes
  • Added an experience item to creative mode
  • Added a flame item…
  • Updated language files

Additionally, some players have been trying to track changes not otherwise noted, and here's what Reddit writer keozen has compiled so far:

  • A strange "well-type-thing" (technical term) people are finding in the desert
  • Jungle Tree Saplings (thanks Minecraftman1)
  • The textures for dispensers and saplings have been changed. (thanks Minecraftman1)
  • If a 2x2 square of Jungle Tree Saplings is made and one is fertilized with bone meal, a huge tree is made (Thank you, Wolfrose88 via Minecraftman1)
  • When Ocelots are bred, they will give birth to...KITTENS! They come in black, red or siamese. :ohmy.gif: (thanks Minecraftman1)

Feel free to add any findings you may come across in this thread, and check out our comprehensive coverage of update discoveries right here!

Client: Get the client here!
Server: Get the server here!

Our resident weekly news guys - David & Toby - take a fun-filled tour on the TradeChat server, to see a colorful medley of video-game tribute constructions, roller coasters and more, hosted by video game enthusiast PinkPanser - take a look!


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