Minecraft News - Jungle Biomes & 20 Million Users

This week, Minecraft News brings us up to speed on a number of hot topics. David and Toby cover the most recent snapshot - 12w03a - which includes ladder fixes (as well as making vines climbable), massive, lush jungle biomes filled to the brim with tall trees and voluminous underbrush, wolf breeding (never go looking for wolves again!), and a number of other exciting changes. Additionally, they touch base with Mojang's participation with a SOPA-related blackout, catch up on the hottest 3D printing news, and more - click the banner above, and give it a watch!

Recently, Minecraft - Pocket Edition passed up 700 thousand sold copies, across the iOS, Android and Xperia markets (roughly 5,000 copies a day!) since becoming available on the handheld market in November - congratulations, guys!


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