A Year in Minecraft

Looking Back at 2011

With the full release of Minecraft, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of just how far the game has come in such a short time. It's funny to think, with the inclusion of dragons and such for the final release, that it wasn't so long ago we were marveling at the addition of charcoal, noteblocks and bones. The year began with Minecraft freshly into the Beta stage, and features were added fairly regularly for a long stretch of the year. From beds to bedrock fog, Minecraft spent 2011 in a constant state of growth. As the game grew, so did the player-base; it wasn't long before over 4 million people bought the game.

For a game that wasn't technically completed yet, that's quite a base of customers!

We have shared quite a volume of content with you guys in 2011, from cool videos to lawsuits - still, one half of the power of Minecraft has always been you, the players. What awesome things do you remember from 2011 in the game? Do you have a link to a favorite texture pack, mod or story here on the forums? Tell us about it!


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