Dead Worker's Party Covers "Questworld - Shipwrecked"

We recently had the pleasure of taking time out this holiday season to play a bit of a particularly entertaining adventure map, Questworld - Shipwrecked, made by smenx and ssankoo. Given the immense popularity of this particular gem, it's no surprise that there are a lot of Let's Plays and walk-throughs out there. Today, I'd like to focus on one in particular that I liked, done by the team at Dead Worker's Party - known for their highly popular podcast, The Shaft - consisting of Brent Copeland, Eric Fullerton & Wes Wilson.

The one thing that becomes immediately clear when watching these men at work is how comfortable they are with filming; improv comedy, interactive humor and attention to detail on-the-fly make their videos entertaining to watch. There are so many points of interest that I want to cover here, but anything I can say on the matter would be better served by seeing it yourself. I will say this though - there is an abundance of pirate voices, torch theft and cow murder. You'll see what I mean.

Questworld - Shipwrecked is already a highly entertaining map, with solid architectural design, clever writing, and a strong puzzle-based progression system. The idea is that you've been stranded in a shipwreck (if the title didn't already make that clear), and you must make your way through a strange new place, discovering secrets and interacting with NPCs that seem to prefer the written word over actually being anywhere. The rules of the map are sensible without feeling overly restrictive, and many an hour was lost to me trying to work my way through this wonderful creation.

Want an idea of what you're getting into? Watch the video above, then head over here and get it for yourself!


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