Cobalt Has Arrived!

The Day Has Come - For Cobalt

Long ago, side-scrolling platform games were the final word in gaming - they were the measure of entertainment, skill and determination. As time went on, that unique brand of fun somehow never wore out - if anything, it only got better with time. And now, here we are in the future; better hardware, smarter players and an ever-growing demand have come together into a single, shining point of light - and that light is Cobalt!

Much like Minecraft in it's infancy, Cobalt is being released in an Alpha stage today, to let people have a chance to play-test it, and see the game as it develops firsthand. Developed by indie team Oxeye Game Studios and published by Mojang, this highly addictive action platformer already has the makings of a great game. Want to try it out for yourself? Check out the official Cobalt Forums and Cobalt Wiki now for details!


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