Snapshot Week 50 Released For Testing

Week 50 Snapshot Now Live

The Week 50 Snapshot was recently released for testing! As with prior weekly "snapshots", this must be installed over an existing minecraft.jar file in order to be tested out. What's new in this test version? We'll list the info as it becomes available!

  • Sheep eat grass and tallgrass (confirmed)
  • Multiple language support - continued revisions
  • Added a few multiplayer spam protections to prevent packet spam and chat spam
  • Added a few new lines to the splash texts

Eager to test out these new features? You can grab the snapshot client right here; SMP server hosts can test these out in multiplayer as well; get the server jar right here! To use these, you need to replace the jar file in the application folder and then start the game normally. Find a bug? Report them here!

The language files are still work in progress, so translation errors and mistakes may still exist. As stated earlier, the snapshots are in development versions of the game.
Download this week's "snapshot" files below:


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