Interview with Carl Manneh, CEO of Mojang - Jobs, The Future & More

Do you like Minecraft? Do you think you have what it takes to be a developer with Mojang? Today's interview touches on this very subject! We had a chance to sit down with Carl Manneh - CEO of Mojang - to discuss their recent employment openings, the development direction of Minecraft & Scrolls, and a surprise about the upcoming adventure side-scroller, Cobalt!

Carl gave us a solid break-down of the kind of developer they are looking for; without giving too much of it away, we can say that applicants must have the ability to work in a dynamic environment, and have a healthy love for games. Later on, we discussed the future direction of Scrolls, as well as multi-platform support for Mojang's games. Finally, Carl generously offered a bit of secret information about Cobalt - we don't want to spoil it, so check it out!

If you want to know more about Cobalt, check out our Cobalt wiki - we update it constantly with the latest Cobalt news, so don't miss out!
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