New Prerelease is Available

Weekly Tester Out!

Jeb has confirmed this week's tester jar, 11w48a! Remember, this will not patch on its own, so if you'd like to help out by testing it, grab the file here, and copy the new .jar file over your existing one. Be sure to report any bugs you may find on the Minecraft Wiki here.

What's New - Find Out Here

We have discovered the following in this week's tester (expect this list to update frequently):

New Features:

  • Taiga biomes return
  • Apples can randomly drop from trees
Apples will only drop from default trees (no pine or birch). You will get apple in 1/200 chance.

  • Farmland trampling mechanics have been altered
Farmland no longer tramples by walking on it, only jumping will affect it. Animals can no longer trample your crops.

  • "Void fog" gone at bedrock level in Creative mode


  • Breaking wheat can "trample" between 2 and 5 adjacent farmland blocks, this is being addressed
  • Placing a block next to double-doors (wooden) can cause them to force open
  • Sugar cane can be placed underwater


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