Yogscast Responds To Statement

Simon Lane (better known to Yogscast fans as Honeydew) has issued a response to recent statements regarding Yogscasts' alleged behavior at Minecon. They seemed somewhat confused and dismayed at statements regarding their behavior, stating that they were "surprised and confused about where this stuff has come from - especially since the only time we spoke to Notch was at the interview." Further comments by Simon emphasized happiness that they were able to connect to fans directly, and that the Yogscast crew were disappointed that they couldn't sign and meet every fan present.

Both sides of the dispute seem to point only to two tired parties having a minor misunderstanding, which is already clearing up. You can view the entire statement by Yogscast right here!

UPDATE: Notch has responded to the Yogscast's recent statement, noting that the situation is likely a "stress-related misunderstanding." He has apologized for his earlier comments, and seems as eager as the Yogscast crew to put the misunderstanding behind him.


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