Interview with Joel Levin of MinecraftEdu

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing MinecraftEdu's Joel Levin - better known as MinecraftTeacher - who gives us an in-depth look into exactly what MinecraftEdu is, some of the challenges they face and more!

Joel went on to say that MinecraftEdu is geared towards teachers who want to use Minecraft as a teaching aid in the classroom, with design features meant to facilitate ease of use and accessibility for everyone, regardless of technical background. With user-friendly interfaces and clearly explained features, MinecraftEdu sets itself up to be usable by a teacher the minute they pick it up!

Joel would like to thank Mojang and his partners at MinecraftEdu for the opportunity to help him bring this project to life, so that everyone may enjoy its benefits.

We here at Minecraft Forum would like to thank Joel himself for his dedication, vision and the opportunity to share all of it with us. We look forward to seeing MinecraftEdu take learning to a new level in the future! Feel free to take a look at MinecraftTeacher's blog right here!


Special Note - today is ez's birthday! Happy birthday!


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