Weekly Content Contest; Moderator Applications

2nd Weekly Content Contest

The first-ever Weekly Content Contest went very well, so we're announcing the coming weeks' theme and medium! The theme is steampunk, and the medium is mods! Any sort of steampunk-themed mod you can come up with is valid! Machinery, items, unique mechanics - whatever you like! Submission entries will open up tomorrow (Monday, November 7th), and we will provide a form to follow. Submissions will be accepted through 11:59pm GMT -6 on Wednesday, November 9th. Get your coding skills ready! Also, be sure to vote at the poll at the top of the page!

Forum Moderators Needed

We need forum moderators in every section! It is challenging work, yet very rewarding - are you up to the task? If you're ready to join the ranks of the Moderation Team, head over here, read the stickies at the top of the section carefully, and fill out an application! We look forward to having you join a hard-working team of dedicated, talented forum moderators - fill out your app today!


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