Weekly Content Contest: Joliween

This week's winner of the Content Contest is none other than andrejolicoeur, creator of the Joliween Pack! One of the first things I noticed was the new intro screen, complete with smooth customized menu buttons, and a unique autumn-esque background marquee. Upon entering the game, the environment immediately gave a sense of a cool fall day. Amber, wavy grass blocks, newly dormant trees and emerald waters dominated the landscape, with mud-soaked pigs and shaggy sheep prancing in the distance. One sheep in particular - caught in the image above - seemed to be standing on the water...was it a haunted sheep?

From the stone and ores all the way through the custom item sets, this pack flows very nicely into itself at every intersection. Block transition feels almost sculpted, with surprising attention to detail on little things, such as a gentle Gouraud shading on grass block edges, which help to provide depth and detail to every piece of landscape.

If you haven't checked out this pack yet, you definitely owe it to yourself to give it a try. After playing for awhile, you might almost forget that Halloween is already over! Give it a look here!


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