A New Way of Learning With Minecraft

Teachers have long used a wide variety of tools to teach students, even games. Now, Minecraft joins the ranks of titles which are both fun and educational, and you can see it in action right now! MinecraftEdu is a collaborative team of educators and programmers who seek to bring Minecraft to the classroom in affordable ways, so it can be accessible to as many schools as possible. They offer onsite workshops and in-service training to help educators use this incredible game to its fullest potential in a learning environment. In the near future, they will also be offering custom game versions, easy-to-use servers for classroom-driven SMP, a library of worlds, levels and activities to assist in activities, and more!

While still in the private beta stage, this remarkable project sets itself up to take the learning world by storm, merging learning and gaming in amazing new ways. Keep an eye out for MinecraftEdu, coming out soon!


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