New Weekly Contests? Yes!

We receive a staggering amount of user-submitted content (and there is much that is never submitted to us directly), and sometimes, we don't know where to start when spotlighting material - there's too much good stuff to pick from! So, we have decided to put this process in your hands, in the form of a Weekly Content Contest!

Every week, we will pick a theme - either of our choosing, or from those submitted to us by you guys! - and a particular medium, such as a mod, texture pack or video. Users will have from Sunday (the day the theme and medium are announced) until Wednesday to submit entries for the contest in the contest thread. Approximately 10-15 entries will be chosen from the submissions, and the community will vote on a winner! There will be prizes, including an in-depth review of the winner's submission, and possibly more - we'll let you know soon!

Details for submitting entries will be covered every week, to ensure that everyone has a chance to get their work seen. We definitely look forward to your participation and entries! Since this is a new feature, we'd like to give you the opportunity to submit some ideas for themes right here in this thread! Next week's medium will be Texture Packs - what do you think would make a good theme? Bacon? Industry? Something else entirely?


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