1.9 (Pre-Release 3) is Ready To Test!

Jeb has released the third 1.9 Pre-Release! You can get the client here, and the server here! Discoveries and discussion can be found here.

So far, the following is known:

Step 1 of potion-brewing is to fill the glass bottles with water.


  • Enchanting Table
  • Eye of Ender
  • Brewing Stand
  • Cauldron Icon
  • Crystal Block (will investigate)
  • Golden Apples' tool-tip appears pink - the apple itself has a shine effect
  • Baby animals

1.9 PR3 Client: here
1.9 PR3 Server: here


Notch refers to it as the "weird black stuff" - nothing is yet known about it

Curse is Hiring!

We have open positions at Curse! There is a need for a Junior & Senior System Administrator, and an R&D Team Lead! Think you may qualify for one of these positions? Apply here!


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