"Scrolls" Lawsuit Goes To Court

Notch has confirmed that the lawsuit between Mojang - developer of Minecraft and Scrolls - will be going to court with Bethesda, regarding the name of their Scrolls title. Up until recently, the idea of a court battle was just that - an idea. Now, with the official proceedings getting underway, the case is officially out of the "maybe" stage.

The original debate started when developer Mojang decided to make the working title of their new CCG-like game "Scrolls", which prompted software publisher Bethesda Softworks to respond, citing potential confusion between Mojang's Scrolls and their own Elder Scrolls franchise.

Some time into the proceedings, Notch offered to settle the dispute with a friendly game of Quake 3, a challenge which was not answered. The proposed solution was intended to ease any potential PR incidents, and provide an amicable solution to the dispute. The challenge went unanswered, and legal proceedings continued unabated.


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