PAX Party!

PAX is going on all weekend long! Here, we will be providing updates to all the various Minecraft and Mojang-related goings-on, with on-site access by MCF's own WedTM! Check this thread (and our Twitter) frequently for updates!

Notch spoke about the upcoming 1.8 Adventure Update, and more! We will have

Confirmed so far:

  • cobwebs
  • endermen
  • new lighting
  • experience orbs
  • rivers
  • oceans
  • food-eating animation
  • variable-strength bow (hold it longer for more damage)
  • new (and expanded) biomes
  • 1.8 will add Creative Mode
  • Creative Mode will have flight

Click here to see photos from PAX!

Photos (these will update constantly, check back frequently!):


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