What's Going On: Notch's Mini-game, Lawsuit Updates

Notch & the Ludum Dare

Notch recently took part in the 48-hour Ludum Dare contest, with "escape" as the theme. What did he create? Find out for yourself - play it here! Resembling a cross between the old Windows 95 "maze" screensaver and and a dungeon crawler, this game is a remarkable, entertaining experience, especially for having been created in such a short period of time. Check it out!

The Lawsuit Continues

Notch mentioned recently that since Bethesda was responsible for Quake 3, challenging them to their own game "might have been a poor choice,” citing the high likelihood of Bethesda having professional Quake 3 players on staff as a reason why. “If it came to a Quake 3 tournament, I have a feeling we just might have to change the name,” but still feels that the match-up would “bring both parties a lot of good PR.” He went on to add that he was still taking the lawsuit itself very seriously, and that he would continue to fight it "for as long as it takes,” noting that Bethesda has several one-word titles in their library.

Mojang continues to work on the upcoming 1.8 Adventure Update as well, showing no signs of slowing down.

Pigtales! ...Pigtales?

Mojang has an amusing project that you can take part in: Pigtales! It is a small sketch made with sock puppets, designed to look like Minecraft's pig. The spoken "dialogue" is mainly just silly noises, but this is where you come in - you can add your own lines, via captions, to the video to make it whatever you want! For example, Notch and Deadmau5 have already come up with their own versions. I might have even made one... What story will you tell?


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