What's Going On: Lawsuits, Creeper Cars

"Scrolls" Lawsuit, Pt. 2

Notch feels he has a solution to the pending lawsuit between Mojang and Bethesda - a Quake 3 tournament! He provided the following stipulations:

"Three of our best warriors against three of your best warriors. We select one level, you select the other, we randomize the order. 20 minute matches, highest total frag count per team across both levels wins.

If we win, you drop the lawsuit.

If you win, we will change the name of Scrolls to something you’re fine with."

As of this writing, Bethesda has not responded to the challenge.

Creeper Car

Mojang employee Daniel Kaplan tweeted about a rather interesting discovery - the ability to customize a Holden Barina with a creeper-themed paint job! As of this writing, "The Creeper" holds the #1 spot for popularity in custom designs, so feel free to head over and vote it up some more!


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