Minecraft Passes the 3-Million Mark!

Minecraft has surpassed 3 million sales! Congratulations to the hard-working team at Mojang for all of their creativity and diligence!

It appears that Mojang has been asked by Bethesda - developer of the Elder Scrolls series of games, among others - to cease usage of the word "Scrolls" for an upcoming Mojang project.

Notch commented on the letter, clarifying that "[Bethesda claims] "Scrolls" infringes on their trademark and everyone will confuse it with Skyrim." Bethesda went on to say that Scrolls could be confused with similar titles they have developed, comparing their "Scrolls" series to overarching brands like Mario or Warcraft.

The mix-up stems from Mojang's up-and-coming project, "Scrolls", which is a mix of real-world collectible cards and a video board game. Similar to a chess board, this game integrates similar elements from CCG-style games (like M:tG) to keep game-play dynamic and interesting. The main focus of Scrolls will be multi-player oriented, but there will likely be a single-player option as well.

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