Digital Diamond: VoxelTronix

The minds behind VoxelTronix continue to advance their craft, demonstrating their latest work - a moon-walking troll! The site explains how this is possible, essentially as a form of hyper-advanced redstone mechanics:

"VoxelTronix is a plugin that enables advanced control of time and space through a virtual network of information superimposed over the fabric of the Minecraft engine."

This system is capable of taking inputs from a wide variety of sources, such as light levels, player positioning, written text on signs, and much more. You can check out more of their amazing creations VoxelTronix on their site, here. Enjoy!

Digital Diamonds is an ongoing look at Minecraft-related videos that have been submitted to the Minecraft forum video section. We'll be selecting memorable videos and those resonating with the community to share with everyone on the front page.


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