Post E3 Information Dump

Notch has just unloaded what appears to be a week's worth of Minecraft information that only E3 can produce. We're here to give you the break down.

MineCon 2011 / Minecraft RTM Release
Notch has stated that MineCon and the official release date of Minecraft may need to be moved, as the previous date of 11/11/11 is apparently all sold out for venues. We'll discuss more on this as we get the information.

New Games (Minecraft Pocket Edition, Unnamed Xbox Version)
Mojang is working on two new versions of Minecraft, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which will debut exclusively on the Sony-Ericsson Xperia Play, and a yet-to-be-named version for the Xbox 360, via Xbox Live Arcade.

Minecraft 1.7 - The Adventure Update
The next major update to Minecraft for PC is being referred to as "The Adventure Update". Notch has stated that this update will focus on making exploration more rewarding, as well as combat. They are also going to be adding in Pistons, as long as play test works out as expected.

Modding Support Starting in 1.7
Modding has always been a big part of the community, and with 1.7 it will have an official route of support. A very select few people will be receiving the full, unobfuscated source code of Minecraft, presumably after many signatures and NDA's are signed.

Those mod developers who are interested should be able to work up some absolutely amazing mods once the Modding Support rolls out in a more generalized release.


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