Mojang's E3 Schedule Announced

Daniel Kaplan, Mojang's business developer, has just updated the Mojang blog with some news about the happenings at the Mojang booth during E3.

Mojang will be stationed at booth #713, with Sony Ericsson. Mojang is going to be showing off Minecraft: Pocket Edition at the conference, and will have the wonderful Minecraft Chick present to play test the new addition to the Minecraft stable.

Mojang will be demoing the Xperia Play with Minecraft: Pocket Edition during the following times:

  • 6/7/11 @ 12:30PM
  • 6/8/11 @ 11AM *(The Shaft Podcast will be present during this play test)
  • 6/9/11 @ 12PM (Noon)
Mojang is also holding the "Build with Notch" event at their booth on 6/7/11 @ 5PM. If you'd like to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition with Notch, and are attending E3, you may want to show up a few hours early, to ensure a good spot in line, as this event is sure to bring out everyone!

We'll be at E3 bringing you news from the front lines, so stay tuned, next week is sure to bring plenty of new and exciting news from the Mojang and the Minecraft community.


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