Malware included with some mods on CurseForge

A malicious user has created several accounts and uploaded projects containing malware to the platform.


Separately a user belonging to Luna Pixel Studios (LPS) was hacked and was used to upload similar malware.


CurseForge has banned all accounts relevant to this and disabled the LPS one as well. They are in direct contact with the LPS team to help them restore their access.


To be clear CurseForge is not compromised. No admin account was hacked.


CurseForge has made a Detector Tool that will enable you to check whether you have been compromised by any of the projects containing said malware. This tool relied on the amazing work of the author community who has investigated these malicious files and published their efforts on


Please use the following article to understand which projects were containing said malware and whether you need to use the tool and how to do so:


CurseForge has made the tool available and open sourced and it can be directly found here: