Minecraft 1.19.4 Pre-release 3

First, I'd like to announce, to those who are not aware already, the name of the 1.20 Minecraft update.  Trails & Tales!  Agnes explained in the Minecraft Monthly video released earlier today that this update is about worldbuilding, storytelling, and self-expression.  It seems very fitting since everyone's journey in Minecraft is different and every one of us has stories and experiences to share.

Changes in 1.19.4 Pre-release 3

  • Potions have had their colors adjusted to make them more distinguishable from each other

Technical Changes in 1.19.4 Pre-release 3

  • Pressing F3+S will now dump contents of dynamic textures (like atlases, maps, etc.) to screenshots/debug/

Experimental Feature Changes in 1.19.4 Pre-release 3

Pottery Shards

  • Updated the textures of the Archer Pottery Shard based on community feedback

Fixed Bugs in 1.19.4 Pre-release 3

  • MC-148458 - Ridable mobs aren’t knocked back upon death
  • MC-250486 - Error saving GUI scale option when toggling fullscreen while the fullscreen resolution is changed
  • MC-258561 - Endermen teleport away instead of taking damage from end crystal, TNT, and wither skull explosions
  • MC-259666 - Reloading a resource pack that has a custom texture atlas for a second time causes severe FPS lag on the client
  • MC-260277 - potted_cherry_sapling and potted_torchflower not part of #flower_pots block tag
  • MC-260451 - Inventory character with semi-transparent outer skin layer not rendered correctly when looking right
  • MC-260456 - Certain potions are still indistinguishable by color
  • MC-260470 - Endermen can’t dodge arrows fired from a dispenser
  • MC-260474 - Players and mobs are no longer affected by knockback upon death
  • MC-260501 - Cannot delete previous snapshot world in the launcher
  • MC-260579 - Crash when a guardian deals damage to itself after removing thorns from avoids_guardian_thorns
  • MC-260605 - Repeating command block summoning piglins/villagers causes memory usage to constantly increase
  • MC-260627 - Dolphins with passengers either accelerate to ludicrous speed or are immobilized completely

Technical Changes in 1.19.4 Pre-release 2

Mob Behavior

  • Only mobs in the dismounts_underwater entity tag will now force the rider to dismount when underwater

Changes for Experimental Features in 1.19.4 Pre-release 2

Cherry Biome and Wood Set

  • Updated the texture for Pink Petals
  • Updated textures for the Cherry Door, Cherry Sapling, and Cherry Boat with Chest

Decorated Pot

  • Updated the neck of the Decorated Pot model
    • With the former pot, we decided to make the pot’s neck clip with blocks, so it would be extra flexible to build with
    • However, this had some Z-fighting issues where 2 objects are in the same exact position and cause flickering
    • This is prevented with the new and more complex block model

Fixed Bugs in 1.19.4 Pre-release 2

  • MC-137552 - Loaded crossbows look unloaded in item frames and when dropped on the ground
  • MC-229293 - Casting issue: Broken blocks drop items in the wrong position at high distances
  • MC-259208 - Zombie riding chicken or skeleton riding spider not considered controllers by /execute on controller command
  • MC-259609 - Tooltips from selected buttons and sliders don’t disappear when expected
  • MC-259831 - UI Buttons break certain resource packs as of 23w06a
  • MC-259839 - Duplicated “minecraft:freeze” in damage_type tag “bypasses_armor”
  • MC-259885 - Upon entering the credits screen while in F1 mode, the Minecraft: Java Edition logo does not display correctly
  • MC-259961 - item_display does not take some nbt tags into account
  • MC-259979 - Striders and blazes do not take five times the damage when using /damage with freeze type
  • MC-260208 - Display entities in spawn chunks with interpolation_duration greater than 0 visually reset to default transformation on rejoin
  • MC-260268 - Can’t scroll using arrows in the “Telemetry Data Collection” screen
  • MC-260324 - Cherry Boat with Chest item texture has a misplaced pixel
  • MC-260335 - Clicking with an item that is out of stock in the villager trading menu with sufficient payment will allow the purchase of the item regardless
  • MC-260364 - Cherry Door inconsistent item texture
  • MC-260427 - Button text is visible outside menus
  • MC-260434 - There is no “Will be saved in…” text in the new world creation menu
  • MC-260436 - Item Tags in 1.19.4-pre1 have extra entries
  • MC-260438 - Items are not rendered in the bundle UI
  • MC-260443 - Loading a snapshot 23w07a experimental world says it can be opened in “safe mode” and clicking “safe mode” does nothing
  • MC-260445 - Player can climb up one block while riding a boat or raft
  • MC-260461 - Water mobs cannot be ridden in water

Important note for 1.19.4 Pre-release 1

  • Experimental 1.20 worlds created in the previous snapshot (23w07a) can no longer be opened in this version

Changes in 1.19.4 Pre-release 1

  • The enchantment glint for items in the inventory has been made more visible
  • The default value of the "Glint Strength" setting has been reduced to 75%
  • Potions no longer have an enchantment glint due to it obscuring the color of the potion contents
  • Added a notification system for Realms to tell you important information about your Realm


  • Added a built-in resource pack that enhances the contrast of UI elements
    • The resource pack can be enabled in the Accessibility Options screen or manually in the Resource Pack screen
    • This is only available in the menus for now, but we’ll be looking to bring this to gameplay UIs in the future as well

Updated Create New World Screen

  • The appearance of the tab bar in the Create New World screen has been updated
    • Tabs now have unique visuals instead of being traditional buttons
    • The tabs now align with the center of the screen
    • The content has been aligned to the top of the screen

Technical Changes in 1.19.4 Pre-release 1

  • The resource pack version is now 13
  • Changed the following game events:
    • item_interact_finish now has a vibration frequency of 2 instead of 14
  • New Damage Type Tag: bypasses_cooldown - damage types with this tag bypass the regular invincibility time after taking damage
  • New Entity Type Tag: fall_damage_immune - entity types with this tag do not take fall damage

Resource Pack Format

  • The enchantment glint now has two separate texture files: enchanted_glint_entity.png and enchanted_glint_item.png


Execute Positioned Over

New execute sub-command for finding positions on top of a heightmap. Changes the height of the execution position to be on top of the given heightmap. Syntax:

  • execute positioned over <heightmap>

A heightmap records the highest position in a column of blocks according to some criteria. Available options:

  • world_surface: Any non-air block
  • motion_blocking: Any motion-blocking material (e.g. ignores flowers and grass)
  • motion_blocking_no_leaves: Any non-leaf motion-blocking material
  • ocean_floor: Any non-fluid motion-blocking material

Changes for Experimental Features in 1.19.4 Pre-release 1

  • The Brush crafting recipe now uses a Feather, Copper Ingot, and Stick in a vertical line
  • The Sniffer Spawn Egg colors have been updated
  • The recipe for the Decorated Pot made of all Bricks can now be found in the Recipe Book

Fixed Bugs in 1.19.4 Pre-release 1

  • MC-106484 - Some potions are indistinguishable by color
  • MC-132200 - Ghost block hoppers appear if summoned by a command to the powered location
  • MC-253210 - Goats will panic when receiving fall damage
  • MC-253211 - Frogs will panic when receiving fall damage
  • MC-256484 - Sitting camels don't stand up and begin following players that are tempting them with their favorite food
  • MC-256489 - Sitting camels that are in love don't attempt to stand up and approach one another to breed
  • MC-256731 - The sounds of camels recovering aren't controlled by the "Friendly Creatures" sound slider
  • MC-256861 - Camels panic when receiving fall damage
  • MC-259192 - Server/client position desync when running /ride too fast and manually dismounting
  • MC-259246 - Passengers on an ender dragon ride too high
  • MC-259576 - The passenger's riding position is too high on a phantom
  • MC-259613 - Enchantment glint is hardly noticeable on some items, even when the Glint Strength is set to 100%
  • MC-259630 - Camels, horses, and mules bounce high into the air when being ridden across the water
  • MC-259882 - Axolotls no longer give the Regeneration effect to nearby players after they kill a mob, and do not grant "The Healing Power of Friendship!" advancement
  • MC-259893 - Long texts on buttons scroll too fast
  • MC-259917 - Entities immune to fall damage are damaged when using minecraft:fall damage type in /damage
  • MC-259918 - Text scrolling speed isn't accessible-friendly
  • MC-259920 - The "ITEM_INTERACT_FINISH" game event overrides other game events causing several actions not to produce their intended vibration frequency
  • MC-260030 - Starting data.Main for data generation crashes
  • MC-260033 - Torchflowers cannot be used to craft suspicious stew
  • MC-260035 - Torchflower seeds do not tempt chickens and parrots
  • MC-260051 - Bees are not tempted by or attempt to pollinate Pink Petals and Torchflowers
  • MC-260059 - Pigs do not seem to spawn in the Cherry Grove biome
  • MC-260071 - Sniffer Digging Sounds can be heard from way too far
  • MC-260089 - Sniffers panic when receiving fall damage
  • MC-260092 - Sniffers' hitboxes are too small resulting in sniffers not being rendered from certain angles despite being visible on the screen
  • MC-260098 - Sniffers aren't required for the "Two by Two" advancement
  • MC-260102 - Torchflower seeds don't contribute to the "A Seedy Place" advancement
  • MC-260107 - Sniffers don't swim properly and their walking animations freeze when in water
  • MC-260109 - Sniffers do not rotate their head to look at the player
  • MC-260118 - Disabling experimental features on the world creation screen causes pack validation to fail
  • MC-260121 - Hoppers are ghost blocks for other players when placed on jukeboxes that are playing music
  • MC-260125 - Sniffer's head occasionally disappears
  • MC-260126 - Using the pick block function on grown torchflower crop gives torchflower seeds instead of the plant item
  • MC-260149 - Cherry logs can't be used to craft campfires
  • MC-260156 - The sound of the torchflower being broken after growing is different than the sound of it breaking after being placed
  • MC-260157 - On existing snapshot servers, cherry grove biomes cannot be found with "/locate", nor do they generate
  • MC-260168 - Torchflower crop aren't part of the #crops block tag
  • MC-260171 - Cherry Leaves and Pink Petals aren't part of the #flower block tag
  • MC-260172 - Torchflower isn't part of the #flowers block or item tags
  • MC-260181 - Torchflower seeds are not grouped with other seeds in the creative inventory
  • MC-260185 - Pink Petals aren't insta-mined
  • MC-260189 - Cherry Sapling is not part of the #saplings item tag
  • MC-260191 - Cherry Leaves aren't part of the #leaves and #complete_find_tree_tutorial item tags
  • MC-260192 - You can't make Charcoal with Cherry Logs or Wood
  • MC-260193 - Cherry Logs and Wood can't be used as fuel in furnaces
  • MC-260194 - Create new world screen appears even when world is created; clicking on the button causes to freeze or crash
  • MC-260195 - Cherry Logs and Wood are missing from the #log, #logs_that_burn and #complete_find_tree_tutorial item tags
  • MC-260209 - breaks_decorated_pots Item Tag is in the Vanilla datapack, not 1.20
  • MC-260210 - Brush Recipe is in the Vanilla datapack, not 1.20

Get the Pre-Release

Pre-releases are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Installations” tab.