Minecraft Live: Recap

Did you catch Minecraft Live earlier today?  While I couldn't be there live I caught up and note down exciting news announced during the show.



Mob Vote Winner!

Congratulations to the Sniffer for winning this year's Mob Vote!



New Default Skins!


New Features!


Hanging Signs


The new Hanging Signs are crafted with stripped logs and chains.  There are three different states depending on how you decide to hang them.


Bamboo Wood block set!


The Bamboo Wood will be a newly crafted block set complete with trapdoors, stairs, fences, and more.  It will also contain a unique block to this type alone, Bamboo Mosaic.




The Raft will be crafted with the new bamboo planks and function like a normal Minecraft Boat.


Chiseled Bookshelf


With the new Chiseled Bookshelf, you can store 1-6 Books, Enchanted Books, and Books and Quills.  With a Redstone Comparator, you can also make a new hidden door and more!




The new friendly entity being added to Minecraft is the Camel!  As you can see from the image above two people can ride it!  The Camel has an ability named Dash.  This allows you to quickly move forward and clear narrow ravines and rivers or escape chasing enemies on relatively flat terrain.


Are you excited about the new features and can't wait to play them?  Well, the wait won't be long as the 1.20 snapshots, beta & previews will be released in the next few days!

Minecraft Legends



Well of Fate


We've seen it before but this is the Well of Fate and it is where you start your adventures.  Heros will receive the Flame of Creation in the beginning which will allow you to build spawners to bring helpers into your world to assist you.  Another starting tool you will receive is the Banner of Courage which rallies your allies and allows you to direct them to accomplish tasks.  The last tool revealed today (but may not be all you receive) is the Lute which you can play music to encourage your Allays to gather materials and build for you.


The Hosts: Foresight, Action, & Knowledge


Upon starting your journey you will be introduced to the Hosts.  These beings will be your guides and help you throughout your experiences while playing the game.  With these new friends along with others such as the Regal Tiger, Grindstone Golems, and Plank Golems.  Spawn your allies and take on the Piglin bases to stop the corruption from spreading in your worlds.  


You can look forward to playing in Spring 2023.


Minecraft Entity Wizard


2021 presentation from last year's Minecraft Live.


Ever wanted to just create your own for Minecraft?  Blockbench has The Minecraft Entity Wizard plugin that gives you access to Minecraft's entities to get started when creating your custom entity.  This has been around for a while but if you're new to mod-making I hope this helps. 


Why are we talking about this now though?  Well, that's because DC's Batman is coming to Minecraft and the unique models were possibly created with the Minecraft Entity Wizard.  Not interested in DLC?  No worries, after today's Live broadcast Minecrafters should be able to wear the free Batman Cap from your Dressing Room.


Batman DLC


Minecraft Dungeons


Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventure 3: Fauna Faire


Welcome new animals and pets to Minecraft Dungeons with the latest announcement for Minecraft Dungeons.  Animals such as Penguins, Otters, Hedgehogs, and Ferrets will make their appearance in your worlds.  Enjoy new emotes, capes, flares, and more!


Look forward to the new Enchant Smith which will allow you to reroll your enchantments!  For a bit of gold, the Enchant Smith will reroll the enchantments available on a current piece of gear.


Lastly, you can look forward to the new Tower Multiplayer Mode coming soon!


If you didn't get to explore the Jungle Biome in a previous DLC fear not!  You will be able to play a new mission for free:  Tree Top Tangle!


All of this is available on October 19th!


Minecraft Dungeons: Spookyfest available Oct 26th - Nov 9th


Rewards this year will include six pieces of gear which will also be available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition!