Bedrock: Beta & Preview -

This latest Beta & Preview fixes a few pesky bugs as well as reverts one graphical issue.  Check out below to see what has been worked on.

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Campfires can once again be stacked correctly (MCPE-159398)


  • Please note: Due to an unexpected crashing issue we have had to temporarily revert the fix for MCPE-105487, which can cause the textures to turn pink after playing for long periods of time on a server
    • This means that this bug may continue to occur until we have a solution. Thank you for your patience while we continue to work on this important issue – we hope to have it finally fixed as soon as possible!
  • Fixed an issue with RTX on Windows where point lights were unintentionally accumulated for emissive blocks (MCPE-159485MCPE-159488)


  • Fixed a bug where Pistons sometimes did not drop the Piston item when broken by the arm (MCPE-158314)
  • Fixed a bug where Bows could fail to shoot an Arrow the first time they were used, this also affected Crossbows and throwing Tridents (MCPE-159467)

Technical Updates

Performance and Stability

  • The game no longer crashes when browsing the Marketplace
  • Fixed a crash related to Spawn Eggs (MCPE-159302)