JAVA: 1.19.1 Pre-Release 4

Today's latest pre-release has to do with some changes to chat messages and fixes regarding the state of the messages on whether they are secure or not.

Technical Changes in 1.19.1 Pre-Release 4

  • Custom servers can hide player chat messages from display via a new network packet
    • This does not delete player chat messages from chat logs
  • Insecure chat messages logged in the server are prefixed with a [Not Secure] tag
  • The order of chat messages is now cryptographically verified
    • This will be used for validating the context of chat messages for Player Reports

Fixed Bugs in 1.19.1 Pre-Release 4

  • MC-253743 - The server console doesn’t state if chat messages aren’t secure or have been modified
  • MC-253813 - Chat commands with entity selectors often reported as “This message is not secure”