Bedrock: 1.19.2 & Beta & Preview

Let's start off with the latest update that fixes a few of those pesky annoying bugs.




  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a bug on certain flat worlds where below-0 terrain was accidentally being removed on level load, if there was bedrock at y=0 (MCPE-156679MCPE-156698)
  • Mobs that teleport through a Nether portal with a destination above y=128 will no longer have their position adjusted to 128 (MCPE-155465)

Beta & Preview

The latest preview and beta help with stability, changes to the duplication of the Allay, and issues with the Trader Llama Spawn Egg.  If you had problems with the D-Pad not working they also seem to have fixed this bug as well.

Features and Bug Fixes

Experimental features

  • Removed the Vanilla Experiment toggle since it has no active experimental content
  • Removed the Wild Experiment toggle since it has no active experimental content


  • Allay duplication cooldown is now 5 minutes (up from 2.5 minutes)


  • Fixed a bug that caused an empty Trader Llama Spawn Egg to appear in the Creative menu in pre-1.19.10 worlds

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed a crash when assigning an invalid entity to Mob Spawners

Touch Controls

  • Fixed touch control's right d-pad button not working when the d-pad area overlapped with the hotbar area (MCPE-156103)


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