Java Edition: Snapshot 22W24A

Have you ever had someone join your world and just say nasty, or terrible things to you or anyone else on your server?  Mojang Studios has implemented a new reporting feature to help report players that do this that had zero consequences before.  Read below for more information.

New Features in 22w24a

  • Added Allay duplication
  • Added Player Chat Reporting


  • Allays will dance to a Record playing in a Jukebox
  • If the Allay is handed an Amethyst Shard while dancing it will duplicate
    • Duplication has a 2.5-minute cooldown

Player Chat Reporting

Reporting a player for sending abusive messages in the game chat is now possible.

A reporter is required to select the individual chat messages that contain the objectionable content, as well as the category of the report, this is to provide the best context for our moderation team to take action.

Accessed via the social interactions screen (default keybind is P).

  • The social interactions screen is now available via the Pause screen when in a multiplayer game
  • Multiple chat messages can be selected for reporting
  • The category of the chat report can be selected from a list of Chat Report Categories
  • Additional comments can be entered to provide more details and information regarding the report

Fixed Bugs in 22w24a

  • MC-144043 - Trader llamas continue to spit after their target died
  • MC-146891 - Nitwit villagers can have a profession
  • MC-177505 - Cured Villager can work at the wrong workstation
  • MC-249523 - Sky color is visible for a brief moment after applying Night Vision under the Darkness effect
  • MC-250261 - Frogs can lay spawn on flowing water
  • MC-250267 - Frogs don’t lay their spawn on waterlogged blocks
  • MC-252082 - Loading server resource packs reload twice when one is already loaded
  • MC-252363 - Mobs that naturally spawn in with equipment will play the respective equipping noise
  • MC-252439 - Cured Villager trades are not refreshing
  • MC-252539 - Commands sending messages use formatting of regular chat in server logs
  • MC-252683 - Unexpected exception in the selector loop causing server lag


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