A New Legend Coming 2023

Today, the most players have to worry about is the hissing of a Creeper, hordes of Zombies, Spiders, and the Skeletons from dusk to dawn.  What if I told you there was once a time of peace?  Villagers and Zombies coexisted together.  Seems farfetched?  Well that my friend, is how legends are born.



Coming sometime in 2023 we'll be seeing a new adventure that tells the story of the invading Piglins and how the overworld united to defend their homes.  Heroic tales told of valiant heroes passed down from generation to generation, telling the stories of valiant heroes.  


The game itself is an action-packed strategy game.  The game is inspired by immersive action game-style play but, overall, strategy-style play will be the core of this game.  You get to play in a third-person camera running around the familiar setting of the Overworld.  You will build your fortresses, and fight alongside mobs to protect and defend your home from the onslaught of angry Piglins and the corruption they bring from the Nether. 


So tell me, what legend will you make of yourself come 2023?



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