Together Forever

Earlier this year we mentioned that Mojang Studios had announced that later this year they would be combining Bedrock and JAVA to be sold together.  No longer do you need to pick and choose which version of the game to get because you'll get the other as well.  Well, we finally have a date for that!


June 7th!


Isn't that the release date of The Wild Update?  Yes!  They share a date and it is going to be a wonderfully big day for Minecraft!


But what if I already bought one version of Minecraft?  Do I have to buy it again?  No!  You will be able to claim the other version you currently do not own right from your Minecraft Launcher.  If it's not there on the 7th, please give it a few days as Mojang Studios says that it could take a little time as this rolls out to all eligible players.


Updated June 8th


Are you having trouble claiming your copy?  Mojang Studios has put out an FAQ with some troubleshooting methods.




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