Why Not Both?

Are you thinking about purchasing Minecraft?  Not sure if you want to purchase it from minecraft.net or the Microsoft store?  Are you purchasing Minecraft for your child and not sure which they want?

These questions have been a constant in the community for the last few years.  Between these two major versions of Minecraft, both have their pros and cons.  We're not here to argue which is better because ultimately at the end of the day Minecraft is a great game and it's all down to personal preference on how you wish to enjoy it.


For those of you on the fence and not sure which to purchase what if I told you that Mojang announced recently that owners of one version who have migrated their account to a Microsoft Account (new accounts need not worry about the migration) that you get the other one free?  That's right, those who have been around for a while will remember that there was a similar offer when the Microsoft store version of Minecraft first came out for those who had purchased Minecraft (now known as Minecraft: JAVA Edition) would be eligible for a limited time to claim a copy of Minecraft on the Microsoft store.  This time around Mojang Studios is bundling the versions together as a one-time purchase later this summer.


So, should I wait to purchase Minecraft?

No!  No need to wait!  If you own Minecraft and you log in with a Microsoft Account you will be eligible to claim the other version of Minecraft you do not currently own.  Just visit the Microsoft Store and click on the "get" on the new bundle when it's available and you're good to go at no additional charge to you.


Edit to clarify when this offer is available.  This will be available later this summer.  No exact date has been announced.


Does this work on my console version of Minecraft?


Sadly no, this offer is only available for the computer versions (Windows/Mac/Linux).  Mobile, Xbox, and all other consoles are not included in this deal.  Just remember that Minecraft on the Microsoft store will only work on Windows 10/11 while the current JAVA Edition will still be able to work on earlier versions of Windows.



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