Bedrock: Beta

Remember that only those on Xbox One / Windows 10 / and Android may participate in the Beta builds.  You will not be able to join Realms or non-beta players worlds and you will not be able to open worlds opened in the Beta in earlier/current stable builds of Bedrock.  These builds are not to be considered a final build and are a work in progress.


This latest Beta has a few changes to Frogs, a cooldown period on the Goat Horn, changes to Drowned spawns, and many, many fixes.  Read below and find out.

Experimental Features

  • Frogs now only use jump animation when using Jump Goal
  • Frogs are now tempted and bred using Slime Balls
  • Tadpole health is now 6
  • Adjusted Frog spawning in Swamps, weight 10, herd size 2-5
  • JumpToBlockGoal now correctly has the mob jump to small blocks like Lily Pads
Frog Spawn
  • Frog Spawn now breaks when pushed by a Piston
  • Frog Spawn is now destroyed when the water source beneath it is removed
  • Frog Spawn no longer prevented from hatching when a block is underneath it
  • Frog Spawn can now be placed on waterlogged blocks
  • Frog Spawn can no longer be placed above solid ground or underwater with the '/fill' command
  • Frog Spawn Block is now destroyed by falling blocks (MCPE-150781)
Goat Horn
  • After using Goat Horn, there is now a cooldown period before it can be used again

Features and Bug Fixes

Custom Skins
  • Fixed custom skins not saving when leaving the Dressing Room
  • Fixed an issue where the Mending enchantment would not always correctly consume XP Orbs to repair (MCPE-120119)
  • Drowned can no longer spawn where the block light level is above 0 (MCPE-150148
User Interface
  • Fixed truncated label (in some languages) above 2x2 crafting grid in Pocket UI inventory screen
  • Fixed the Create New World opt-in beta setting not persisting between play sessions
Vanilla Parity
  • Cauldrons are now not fillable by Dripstones that are below flowing water
  • Custom armor can now be equipped with the "Use" button when different armor is already equipped (MCPE-125323)

Technical Updates

  • Fixed an issue where projectiles would 'bounce' off of Bells in strange ways (MCPE-47847)
  • The '/tickingarea' command no longer modifies areas from entities with tick_world component
  • Fixed Logical AND to evaluate before Logical OR, and for comparison operators to evaluate before equality operators
    • This is a Molang Versioned Change that only takes effect for Molang expressions in packs that use a min_engine_version of 1.18.20 or higher
    • For example A && B || Cnow evaluates as (A && B) || C and A < B == C > D now evalutes as (A < B) == (C > D)
Structure Generation and Actor Spawning
  • Fixed duplicate End Crystals spawning on top of End Spikes (MCPE-147817)
  • Fixed an issue in which actor properties would not always sync from the server to the client
  • EatMobGoal is now unable to start when the player is the target
GameTest Framework
  • Vector
    • Added function length(): number- Returns the length of this vector
    • Added function normalized(): Vector- Returns this as a normalized vector
    • Added static function distance(a:Vector, b:Vector): number- Returns distance between two vectors
    • Added static function lerp(a:Vector, b:Vector, t: number): Vector- Returns the linear interpolation between a and b using t as the control
    • Added static function slerp(a:Vector, b:Vector, s: number): Vector- Returns the spherical linear interpolation between a and b using s as the control
    • Added static function cross(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector- Returns the cross product of these two vectors
    • Added static function add(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector- Returns the addition of these vectors
    • Added static function subtract(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector- Returns the subtraction of these vectors
    • Added static function multiply(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector- Returns the component-wise product of these vectors
    • Added static function divide(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector- Returns the component-wise division of these vectors
    • Added static function multiply(a:Vector, b:number): Vector- Returns the product of this vector and a scalar
    • Added static function divide(a:Vector, b:number): Vector- Returns the division of this vector and a scalar
    • Added static function min(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector- Returns a vector that is made from the smallest components of two vectors.
    • Added static function max(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector- Returns a vector that is made from the largest components of two vectors
  • World
    • Added function playSound(soundName: String, soundOptions: SoundOptions): void- plays a sound specified by the sound name, at a location, pitch, or volume as optionally specified in the SoundOptions argument
  • EntityItemComponent
    • Added component EntityItemComponentthat can be used to obtain an ItemStack from an item entity – e.g., getComponent(“item”).itemStack


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