JAVA Edition: Snapshot 22w03a

It's a new year and a new Snapshot.  Mojang has been hard at work fixing the bugs that you all have been reporting.  There have been a few changes to seeds which you can read below.

Changes in 22W03A

  • A seed of the number zero is no longer handled as a special case
  • Any spaces before/after an inputted seed will now be trimmed
  • Ender chests are no longer gift wrapped around Christmas

Technical Changes in 22W03A

  • The locate command now uses a namespaced id parameter
  • Added command: placefeature


A new command that places a configured feature at a given location.
Syntax: placefeature <id> [pos]


  • id: The namespaced id of a configured feature to place
  • pos: The position to use as the origin for the feature placement (if omitted, ~ ~ ~ is used)

Fixed Bugs in 22W03A

  • MC-83938 - Standing on entities with solid collision boxes (shulkers, boats) kicks you for flying
  • MC-98727 - Server: Entering a boat/minecart/horse while going upwards from jumping causes a kick for flying
  • MC-111082 - Riding a boat with NoGravity on a server without flight enabled causes a kick for flying
  • MC-126772 - Underwater fog doesn’t hide the edge of chunks correctly at low render distances
  • MC-135989 - Kicked for flying using trident with Riptide enchantment
  • MC-167763 - Blindness does not work underwater for certain graphics cards
  • MC-185545 - Knockback Resistance on players is still affected by chance
  • MC-185695 - Twisting vines don’t reliably protect the player from fall damage
  • MC-205232 - Player can see farther in powder snow with a blindness effect
  • MC-223834 - Pointed dripstone can form below some non-full (non-solid) blocks
  • MC-226359 - The Zero-Width Non-Joiner shows as a “ZWNJ” box
  • MC-229313 - Some blocks that negate fall damage don’t reliably protect mobs at certain heights
  • MC-230905 - Sky background is visible on certain reduced fog situations
  • MC-233599 - /spreadplayers command does not allow for negative “under” values
  • MC-235574 - Game crashes when replacing a block with a wall with blockstate up:false
  • MC-236693 - “Done” button in the controls submenu is very low
  • MC-237262 - Crash report and tick profiling causes “Failed to find module info for _” spam to log
  • MC-238114 - Meadow trees can spawn without bee nests
  • MC-238866 - Snow/powder snow can generate underwater
  • MC-239031 - Glitchy chunk rendering persists since 21w41a
  • MC-239436 - Broken culling in very long caves
  • MC-240559 - JFR JSON report’s bytesPerSecond is incorrectly calculated
  • MC-241152 - Powder snow is part of #goat_spawnable_on block tag / Goats can spawn on powder snow
  • MC-241205 - Sandstone generates 2-5 layers instead of 3-8 layers
  • MC-242010 - Snow Blocks, Powder Snow aren’t a part of #azalea_root_replaceable / Rooted dirt can’t replace Snow Blocks & Powder Snow
  • MC-242331 - Entities are displayed faster than chunks
  • MC-242543 - Suffocation always uses the entity head center position for predicate and collision box
  • MC-242709 - Pointed dripstone clusters create holes in the ground when generating in aquifers
  • MC-243015 - Falling blocks at chunk generation cause tons of entities and (client-side) lag
  • MC-243196 - Driver view angle resets when another player enters or exits the boat
  • MC-243245 - Unable to select “What is Realms?” button using Tab
  • MC-243489 - Console spam: Skipping update for removed player
  • MC-243619 - Raid waves can spawn outside of simulation distance
  • MC-244164 - Upgrade to 1.18 makes chests invisible and empty
  • MC-244174 - Fog effect for void, blindness, water, lava & powder snow is cylindrical
  • MC-245345 - Crash when reloading chunks
  • MC-245347 - Flying with an elytra and colliding with floating flowing water sometimes doesn’t reset fall damage
  • MC-245406 - Memory leak leading to crashes when loading pre-1.18 chunks
  • MC-245416 - Baby turtles suffocate on soul sand
  • MC-246445 - Game crashes when dispenser with shears is used on a non-beehive block in #beehives tag
  • MC-246449 - Game crashes when villager tries to open non-door in #wooden_doors tag
  • MC-246464 - Game crashes when dispensing a bone meal in a warm ocean and there is a block with no facing block state in #wall_corals
  • MC-247415 - Game crashes if coral related block tags are empty during coral reef generation


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