Minecraft Dungeons:

Spookier Fall Event:

The Spookier Fall event descends on Minecraft Dungeons to haunt your holiday with (mis)adventure. Complete Seasonal Trials to earn unique and seasonal-exclusive items such as the Cackling Broom, the Phantom Bow, and the Soul Jack-O-Lantern armor set.

The event spans from October 13 (5am PDT / 12pm GMT) to November 2 (5am PDT / 12pm GMT). Spookier Fall awaits!


NOTE: To gain progress towards rewards, you must have updated to version and be connected to the internet while completing Seasonal Trials.


Pause Game

  • The game can now be paused in local game sessions when the pause menu or inventory are opened

Connectivity Status

  • Added a Connectivity Status section to the in-game pause menu to show if the game is connected to the internet and game services. A status icon is also now present in the lower right corner of the HUD


  • Made some nice layout changes to the Cosmetics tab in the Inventory



  • Fixed players taking fall damage when rolling through doors (MCD-45)
  • Collecting only Mystery Banners will now still reward players with a ‘Raid Captain Bounty’ chest (MCD-6550)
  • Fixed the Gone Fishin' achievement so that Elder Guardians and Drowned Necromancers no longer have to reeled in with the Fishing Rod to unlock the achievement (MCD-6366)
  • Fixed the Dress for Success achievement not unlocking when wearing one of the unique Emerald Armors (MCD-6444)
  • Fixed Torment Quiver dealing absurd amounts of damage when stacked with Dynamo (MCD-4649)
  • The Hero Cape’s design once again appears correctly (MCD-1813)
  • Fixed players being unable to equip the Anniversary Cape during local co-op (MCD-6022, MCD-6084)
  • All local co-op players now share the first player's cosmetics while logged in on the same device
  • Increased Twisting Vine Bow spore radius from 100 to 200, fixing Poison Trail not affecting some mobs
  • Fixed online players falling into the water and not getting stuck in an ice block as intended on Frozen Fjord

Mobs & Bosses

  • Fixed Key Golems sometimes spawning underground or falling through the ground (MCD-1729, MCD-6321)
  • Fixed Frozen Zombie's melee attack animation being desynced from the time it deals damage (MCD-6085)
  • Fixed the Tempest Golem's attacks having no effect on the player (MCD-6166)
  • Fixed flickering issues with large Magma Cubes (MCD-6576)
  • Fixed Ancient Mobs dropping non-gilded unique items when using Luck of the Sea enchantment (MCD-6330)
  • Reduced Shulker levitation stun duration to prevent players getting stuck on top of mobs (MCD-6337)
  • Hoglins no longer ignore combat pets and Wild Rage enchantment (MCD-5772)
  • Mobs with Stunning can no longer permanently stun players (MCD-6228)
  • Fixed pets summoned from artifacts not properly following players into sub-dungeons (MCD-6489)
  • Increased the target dummy's health to accommodate weapons dealing more damage than their health (MCD-6431)
  • The final boss of Echoing Void now has a chance for void projects to split into three upon detonation
  • Fixed auras still appearing after enchanted mobs are defeated
  • The boss on the final mission of Echoing Void no longer spawns Endermites and mines outside of the arena
  • Levitation is no longer applied to Leapleaf, Squall Golem, Rampart Captain, and Ravager, to correct pathfinding issues
  • Fixed some of the Daily Trials modifiers having no effect on melee mobs
  • Poison Cloud enchantment no longer causes mobs to be thrown with excessive force
  • Trial rules for mob enchanting no longer affect pets summoned by artifacts


  • Fixed players in local co-op getting stuck in a doorway in the Endersent area of Cacti Canyon
  • Fixed a missing supply chest on Pumpkin Pastures
  • Fixed an invisible collision that was blocking arrows in the Endersent area of Soggy Swamp
  • Fixed several issues with the puzzle in the Endersent area of Soggy Swamp when playing online multiplayer
  • Fixed a couple of areas that blocked the player's view on Broken Citadel
  • Fixed some doors in Stronghold being open for players without the Eyes of Ender

Graphics & Audio

  • Fixed music stuttering on the mission select screen when pressing the cursor on the edge of the map (MCD-5807)
  • Fixed graphical corruption that occurred on Desert Temple when playing on Xbox Series S (MCD-6254)
  • Fixed flickering textures on some of the coral in Coral Rise
  • Added missing voiceovers in Traditional Chinese for intro and outro cinematics of several DLC missions
  • Increased the volume of the Dingy Jungle intro cinematic for Simplified Chinese


  • Fixed the screen reader not reading the correct mission modifiers
  • Fixed an issue that caused the screen reader not reading inventory items in local sessions
  • Fixed the screen reader not properly reading options in Advanced Graphics settings
  • Fixed the screen reader referring to the wrong button for gifting items to other players

User Interface

  • The Endermite now has a proper description in the Cosmetics tab, though its previous and amazing description will be missed! (MCD-6343)
  • Pressing "View Next" on the mission select screen now lists Flames of the Nether and Echoing Void missions in the proper order (MCD-6393)
  • Fixed the boss health bar missing for players that join mid-game on Broken Citadel
  • Fixed players not able to navigate through the mission select screens after pressing 'Backspace'
  • The "Hero Settings" button on the main menu is now properly aligned in all languages when playing local co-op