MC Championship Pride 2021


Earlier today was the first Minecraft Championship since the five-month break!  For those asking what Minecraft Championship (MCC) is, here's a quick introduction from Noxcrew.


Tonight's MCC was a very special event organized by Scott Smajor and the love and care in this event really show.  Tonight's event was also in partnership with YouTube Gaming and The Trevor Project.  The Trevor Project is a very important organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth.  Tonight's event had a goal to raise $200,000.  With the help of the community and all donations made from the live stream and YouTube Gaming's generous $100,000 donation the goal was smashed and is currently at a whopping






That's absolutely amazing and I am incredibly humbled by the generosity the Minecraft Community has shown today.  Congratulations Smajor, Noxcrew, the winners: Aqua Axolotls, and all of those who participated in MC Championship Pride 2021.  

Below I've included a link to the various websites and info regarding this event.




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