Bedrock BETA:

Remember that only those on Xbox One / Windows 10 / and Android may participate in the Beta builds.  You will not be able to join Realms or non-beta players worlds and you will not be able to open worlds opened in the Beta in earlier/current stable builds of Bedrock.


Today's BETA brings a few new features that some may be familiar with if they have been playing on the JAVA snapshots.  What is your favorite feature or change added today?

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Candles are now available in the game!
  • Can be placed in clusters up to four and lit using Flint & Steel
  • Try putting one on a Cake and make a wish!
  • Candles can be crafted using a Honeycomb and String
  • Combine with dye on a crafting grid to craft different colored Candles


  • Falling Anvils and Stalactites now deal damage to mobs when landing in liquid
  • Fixed a bug where players going through Cobwebs would take fall damage before hitting the ground (MCPE-121550)
  • Descending through Powder Snow with touch controls now uses the same button as descending through Scaffolding
  • Vanilla Parity: Empty Buckets can no longer be used to collect Fish


  • Axolotls now only spawn in complete darkness
  • Iron Golems and Evokers are no longer sometimes aggressive on Peaceful difficulty (MCPE-47012)
  • Glow Squid now darkens to match the surrounding light level when hurt (MCPE-121754)
  • When Goats are performing a ram attack, mobs will no longer retaliate against the Goats (MCPE-129619)
  • Fixed a warning that could appear in split-screen when encountering Guardians

Character Creator

  • Featured item thumbnails now remain within the featured items window
  • The "Choose New Skin" button now shows up even when there is no imported custom skin (MCPE-128971)
  • The "Choose New Skin" button no longer disappears after selecting the slim custom option
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the player's head to not animate properly with emotes (MCPE-126902)

Known Issues

  • Using a fire charge to light objects (such as candles) may cause a crash

Technical Updates


  • Fixed experimental '' to work on client-side queries

Data-Driven Blocks

  • Updated documentation for 'BlockUnwalkableComponent'


  • Players will now be given a content error when custom recipes are invalid
  • Renamed "minecraft:scaffolding_climber" to "minecraft:block_climber", it now processes climbing both Scaffolding and Powder Snow

NPC Dialogue

  • Content creators can now create multi-page dialogues with branching narrative for NPCs using the '/dialogue' command and dialogue JSON files

GameTest Framework (Experimental)



  • Renamed 'World.event.weatherChanged' to 'World.event.changeWeather'
  • Added event 'World.event.addEffect' - Fires when an effect is applied to an entity.
  • Added event 'World.event.createEntity' - Fires when an entity is added to the world.
  • Removed function 'World.addEventListener'
  • Changed function 'getDuration()' to property 'duration'
  • Changed function 'getAmplifier()' to property 'amplifier'
  • Added property 'displayName' - Gets the display name of the effect


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